Sheds of HOPE


Hurry Up & Wait?

Blue skies and a beautiful day greeted Rowlett residents who came out of their homes on December 26 this year. Quite a change from last year, when they came out to a scene of destruction on all sides after a F4 tornado ripped through their community. This tornado damaged 6,000 homes and injured 23 people in Rowlett, one fatally. After the tornado, the long process of cleanup began. The storm debris removed was enough to fill… Read More

Shed of Hope – Mississippi Church Request Available today is a new 8 x 16-foot shed plan. A church in Louisville, Mississippi requested the longer shed following the tornado that came through the state in early May. Sheds of Hope provides 8 x 8 sheds to people who have been effected by storms. The unique request came from a church who needed to store pews that are too long for the 8 foot long sheds. A… Read More