The Files are in the Computer!

Thanks to Dick Forrester, a Deacon at Lake Oconee PCA, we have refreshed the file download section of Sheds of Hope website. Lake Oconee PCA has a lot of experience pre-building Sheds of Hope, with about 65 builds under their belts. We recently asked Dick to take a look at the files that were hosted on the site and update them, and add a few new files that teams regularly need. We give thanks for our partnership with Lake Oconee PCA and for Dick’s leadership and friendship to MNA Disaster Response and Sheds of Hope.

Click Here to visit the download page. There you will find a number of important user files that are helpful when planning for a new build, budgeting and purchasing materials, pre-building, transporting, and setting-up Sheds of Hope. There is also links to a booklet explaining the benefit of a SmartBench, and a brochure about Sheds of Hope.

Take a look and let us know what you think. As typical, the plans for Sheds of Hope are living documents; we are always improving the plan to reflect our commitment to improving the quality of the Sheds and improving the speed in which we can set-up Sheds on homeowners properties. Updating the ‘files in the computer’ is our effort to give our teams the resources they need to streamline their process.

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