Shed Plans

Building Plan:

You are invited to download the Sheds of Hope plans. Sheds of HOPE is a ministry of Mission to North America (MNA) Disaster Response. Please consider using the plans to help provide Sheds of HOPE for MNA Disaster Response sites within your area. For more information, see our Sheds of HOPE Brochure.

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Stacking Plan for Transportation:

Stacking Plan
  • First – Set Floor — Note where the door end of the floor is sitting
  • Next – Roof Decking and Shelves: 2 – 96×48 sheets / 2 – 96×4-5/8 strips / 2 – 86-1/4×15-1/2 shelves — These are set each on top of each other and directly under the side wall that will be stacked on top of them. Secure both sides to the floor with 1 – 1-5/8 screw.
  • Next – 2 Side Walls — Keep bottom of wall flush with front of floor (one of the side walls has the pocket between the studs that contains 3 – 96×36 rolls of felt, metal eve drip cut to length, 2lbs of Roofing nails, 1lbs of 1-5/8, 2-1/2 screws and 10 hurricane ties, and literature)
  • Next – Front Wall — Keep bottom of wall flush with front of floor — Note you will need 5 – 14-1/2 trim pieces to level out the front wall before setting the back wall (one at each corner and one at the bottom of the doors in the middle)
  • Next – Back Wall with 3 – 93-1/2 studs  — Keep bottom of wall flush with front of floor (Place 2 of the pre-cut studs flush with the bottom of the back wall and 1 as close to the trim at the top. These support the stacking of sheds during storage and transporting. They will be used for the shelf brackets inside the shed when set up)
  • Last – 5 Trusses — Secure each truss to the wall parts and the one below it with 3 – 3-1/2 screws. Then strap front to back just outside the skids
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