New 8 x 16 Shed for Mississippi Church

Shed of Hope – Mississippi Church Request

Available today is a new 8 x 16-foot shed plan.
A church in Louisville, Mississippi requested the longer shed following the tornado that came through the state in early May. Sheds of Hope provides 8 x 8 sheds to people who have been effected by storms.

The unique request came from a church who needed to store pews that are too long for the 8 foot long sheds. A team of volunteers will build the extra long 16-foot shed and set it up at the church in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to help provide teams for Mississippi or Oklahoma, let us know at Sheds of Hope. Groups can also pre-build 8 x 8 sheds that can then be transported to the areas that have been hurt by the recent storms.

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