Volunteers from five churches were involved in building and setting up Sheds of Hope in Van, Texas this summer. I recently met with Park Cities Presbyterian Church, and plans are in the works to train twenty to thirty people while pre-building ten Sheds of Hope to be stored for future disasters.

This will take place over four weekends. The first pre-build will be to train key leaders, followed by three build-days that will provide opportunities for the key leaders to give oversight to volunteers.

Pray for more hands-on training for both young and old, as they love to see Sheds of Hope being built.

Seventeen sheds have been built in Van, TX, and one in Dallas, TX. A shout-out to Bethel Church – Dallas, and to Christ Community – Frisco who now holds the record for setting up a prebuilt shed in 1 hour and 28 minutes. Also, to Park Cities – Dallas, Grace Covenant – Dallas, GA, Redeemer Church – Waco, and to Brian Sterenberg from Denton Presbyterian who help build the one in Dallas. The final shed was finished in Van on September 23rd.

A Second Career Volunteer, Craig Gibson from Kingsport, TN, joined me on site in September. During the two weeks Craig spent in Van with me, we helped set up two pre-built sheds and built two sheds from scratch. We cut and built these sheds on the newly designed Sheds of Hope Workbench .

My support was at 31% at the end of March, 50% at the end of June, and is now 59% at the end of September. Thanks to all who are helping me minister to families and churches through Sheds of Hope.

Pray that I will be able to schedule more Sheds of Hope training workshops around the country.

Pray for South Carolina as they work through the recovery efforts after all of the flooding. Also for Corsicana and other areas of Texas after flash floods.

Pray that my support would be at 75% by the end of December.

Free Sheds of Hope Plan

Updated June 5, 2018

Shed Instruction Booklet

Sheds of Hope Building Plans:

The shed plan has been divided into three sections:

Material and Cut List Only

Pre-Build Plan (Material and Cut List Included)

Set-up Plan for pre-built sheds

Check back for plan updates when you are ready to build.

Sheds of Hope Workbench

The Sheds of Hope Workbench is now being cut on a CNC router. This bench allows for ease of cutting by providing templates for making all the required cuts and providing guides for laying out the studs.

To register your church for a Sheds of Hope training event and order your very own Sheds of Hope Workbench send us your contact information. Allow 6-8 hours for a training event. During this time you will have hands-on-training, learn how a Shed of Hope is pre-cut, pre-built and made ready for delivery to a disaster site.

Check-out our Roadshow Dates and see if we are going to be in your area soon.


It’s exciting to see what a few sheds can mean to a community. As sheds have gone up in a low-income part of Van, it has encouraged the people to work together to improve their own homes. Paint is going on new siding, and there’s even talk of getting together for a cook out “like we used to do.” There is even talk that a playground may be given to the neighborhood as a result of a damaged school having to relocate. How about you? Why not get involved with Sheds of Hope – you can pray, build, give, and encourage others. All it takes is a little time and a lot of love.

Dog on Mat

When I drove into Van, Texas last week with two pre-built Sheds of Hope in tow, I had no idea how timely my arrival would be! One little known victim of the Mothers Day tornado that hit Van Texas this year is the City of Van animal shelter. The storage units for dog food and other supplies were destroyed. When I showed up with a shed for them last week, the lady behind the counter came out and gave me a hug. “If you only knew the week that I have had!” she said. The time for the temporary storage unit was about to expire. They were faced with having to dispose of dog food and supplies if no new place was found. Praise God that this shed was ready just in time. This coming Saturday, volunteers will set up the shed that was pre-built here in Dallas Texas by Christ Community Church, Frisco. Perfect timing!

Phase 1 is underway. We have 9 sheds that have been committed by 2 churches so far. 21 more to go in order to reach our Phase 1 goal.

If your church, business, or group would like to pre-build a Shed of Hope for Van, Texas, let us know by filling in the Sheds of Hope: Van, Texas Pre-build Form. Plans are available for download at Sheds of Hope.

Texas is the land of the “Big Sky” and that is one of the things I love about living in Texas. Over the last 12 days premature darkness covers the landscape and waterlogged streams, rivers and reservoirs are at their max. Along with the rain, has come damaging hail and powerful winds.

The statistics are in, and over the last 2 weeks in North Texas, we have had 64 homes destroyed, 307 homes with major damage, 135 with minor damage, and another 184 homes categorized as affected, for a total of 780 families impacted by the storms. The hardest hit area was Van, Texas, where an EF3 tornado destroyed 44 homes, and left an additional 30 with major damage, 64 with minor damage, and 33 affected, for a total of 171. The tornado left two people dead and many hospitalized.

Sheds of Hope is developing a two-phase approach to help the residents of Van, Texas, and to bring ongoing relief to those who have lost homes. In Phase 1, our goal is to pre-build and set up 30 Sheds of Hope in Van. If we are able to complete this phase,  we will proceed with Phase 2, by seeking to provide an additional 20 Sheds, for a total of 50.

If your church, business, or group would like to pre-build a Shed of Hope for Van, Texas, let us know by filling in the Sheds of Hope: Van, Texas Pre-build Form. Plans are available for download at Sheds of Hope.

Another week of rain is being predicted, but when the Big Sky returns, may it come with Sheds of Hope on the horizon for the areas devastated by the darkness that brought destruction.

The EF3 Tornado hit Van on Sunday night at about 8:45 pm. It is estimated that about 50 homes were destroyed and about another 50 were damaged. The tornado came up quickly, giving residents only minutes to find cover. The impact of the tornado was felt over an area about 1/4 mile wide and about 1 mile in length.
Pray for the ongoing rescue effort and the many people that are still in the hospital.


“Weep with those who weep.” Romans 12:15

Disasters take us all by surprise, so it is essential to plan now how you would like to be involved with Sheds of Hope. This will give you time to work with any committees, groups, or governing bodies to establish any necessary policies so that you can respond quickly when the time comes. It also helps us to be more efficient during a disaster, as we can contact you directly with a specific need. 

What is a Level of Involvement? It’s based on your location.

If a disaster happens within 100, 200, or 300 miles of your church, we invite you to pre-build sheds and get them ready for transportation. It’s up to you to decide the radius (100, 200, or 300). The larger the radius, the more opportunities you may have. Note: Beyond 300 miles is a bit far for us to transport the sheds economically, but you can always send teams to help set them up.

If a disaster happens within 50 miles of your church, rather than preparing sheds, we encourage you to make plans to allow Sheds of Hope teams to bunk at your church, or to allow your parking lot be used as a staging area. You might also allow the presbytery to place a shower trailer on your property for use by Sheds of Hope volunteers.

Next …


$1K = 1 Shed; $2K = 2 Sheds; $3K = 3 Sheds

If you are outside the 300-mile radius, instead of using the funds to build sheds, you might choose to get involved by using those funds to send a team to set-up Sheds of Hope that were built by other churches. This is a policy decision, so it’s good to decide this ahead of time.

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Contact us to schedule a training event, or to join with other churches in a combined event. For a Pre-Built Shed, you will need 8 People for 8 Hours of training. For a Pre-Cut Shed, you will need 3 People for 3 Hours of training.

Now, wait for the call … when a disaster strikes, it takes about two weeks for teams to be allowed into the disaster area. You will use that time to pre-build the sheds you planned to build so they will be ready for delivery to the disaster site within two weeks.

Things you can do now to be ready …


a. Recruit a Leader and Communicate the Opportunity to the church

b. Download the Shed Plan

c. Order one Shed-in-a-Bucket for each shed you plan to build (Coming Soon – Everything you will need to fasten a shed together.) These buckets can be stored at the church and opened when you get the call to build your shed(s).

d. If your church is within 50 miles of a current disaster, and you were planning to build sheds in the area, you can sign up to be part of our:

Two-Year Follow up Plan
• A shed and a family may be assigned to your church
• Paint the shed within one month of set-up, and if possible paint more than one shed during the same morning. Allow 1 hour per shed (Youth can paint a shed, but always have at least 2 adults with them)
• After you have painted your allotted sheds for the day, gather all the volunteers and families and have a lunch/dinner together. Example: bring Chick-Fil-A sandwiches and drinks for everyone and have the families share their stories and specific prayer requests. Take note of any follow-up needs and see that necessary actions are taken.
• Your church will be responsible for these families over the next two-years.
• You will go back to re-level and fix anything broken at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months from the set-up date and see how the families are doing. Each time, repeat the opportunity to have a meal together, have them give an update on how things are going, and ask for prayer requests. Note each of the prayer requests and remind them of any answered prayers, as your church has been praying for them.

Last, but not least! …


Contact Us Directly Through Our Contact Form

John Browne
MNA Disaster Response Specialist, Sheds of Hope
Mission to North America

Download and Print John’s February Mission Trip

John's Mission TripsMy first trip was a tremendous encouragement and blessing in three ways:

1. MNA – My first trip showed me the great respect and love PCA churches and members have for MNA. I received my first shirts a few days before my trip, and the Logo alone put pastors and church staff at ease. I saw a joyful willingness in others to have the opportunity to share the message of Sheds of Hope.

2. Church Reception – Churches that I visited along the way want more information and are excited be on the list for helping to provide Sheds of Hope in the event of a disaster within their Disaster Zone.

3. Sense of Call – I was deeply humbled and encouraged as I met with pastors and friends along the way. I felt your prayers, and with each stop I was emboldened to share about the work of Sheds of Hope. More than once, God put me in the right place at the right time. What a joy to see the delight in people’s faces as they caught the vision for helping others in times of disaster.


  • Many contacts were established along the way
  • 3 Sheds were built on this trip (One of the sheds is being donated to a family whose trailer burned the week after the church had built the shed. They sought to train their people to be ready to build a shed after a disaster, and the Lord already had a place for it.)
  • 20 People were trained and will be able to build a Shed of Hope for their Disaster Zone
  • 9 Churches want to help build Sheds of Hope for their Disaster Zone when they are called upon


  • Building a Sheds of Hope storage shed at Bethel PCA
  • Disaster Response Workshop April 17-18
  • Follow-up with churches from first mission trip
  • Planning for second mission trip


One Time Gifts or Monthly Support can be given online through the secure website of MNA then

  • Click on “MNA Disaster Response – Sheds of Hope (Browne)” and
  • Press “Continue.”

Blessings, John