Pictured are volunteers from Park Cities Presbyterian Church celebrating the completion of their first Shed of Hope. Well, for one of the girls, it was her second. More volunteers from Park Cities will be setting up a shed on Saturday, March 26, and pre-building sheds at the Tornado Response Base. We are planning to build six more sheds over the next few weeks. If you can help, please give me a call. We will be pre-building and setting up sheds on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring Sheds of Hope to our neighbors in Rowlett and Garland. Join with Bethel Church, as they are planning to build on April 2nd.

Well I got a surprise when I got to the tornado response base today – look who I found stowed away in the truck!



The “Wee Volunteer” was cleaning out the back of the truck this morning, getting it ready for building Sheds of Hope tomorrow. He is so excited to get to the warehouse and start building. Join us this week as we get ready to finish up three sheds for delivery this Saturday.

IMG_8384The Tornado Response Base in Dallas may be the workplace for an elusive creature this week. Signs are appearing that one of the “wee people,” as they say in Ireland, may be on his way to lend a hand with Sheds of Hope. Thursday, March 17th, may be your best day for a sighting, but don’t rule out Tuesday, March 15th, or even Saturday, March 19th. There has already been evidence of one passing through Carrollton, so be on the lookout for updates.

No more worries about the weather while we have the use of a 10,000 square foot warehouse in a great location – just a 15-minute drive to the disaster area. We look forward to seeing how quickly we can get more sheds delivered now that we have an indoor facility to pre-build sheds and load trailers, ready for deployment to families in need. See the schedule and get involved! More information is available on our new brochure.

What follows an F4 tornado? Opportunities! Open doors! Rowlett, Texas was devastated by an F4 tornado on Boxing Day (December 26th), and an immediate curfew was put in place to protect against looting. But Sheds of Hope was springing into action. Ready for deployment, two sheds were already being readied for transport. Back in September, Bethel Church of Dallas had built two sheds and stored them in anticipation of the next disaster. Little did they know that a lady who had grown up in their church would be a tornado victim in December. Because of their preparations, as soon as the Rowlett curfew was lifted, Bethel was able to set up a shed on her property so that she could store her salvaged belongings. As of today, Sheds of Hope has identified nine families in the disaster area that are connected to PCA churches. We have set up three sheds on site. Park Cities Presbyterian Church of Dallas has set up one of the sheds that was pre-built by John Browne and Rick Lenz; Bethel Church set up the other pre-built shed and has two more in the pipeline. Christ Community Church of Frisco pre-built two sheds last weekend and will set them up soon. Volunteers are coming out to help with pre-building and set up. Why not get involved? You can pray, you can build, you can give. Whatever God puts on your heart, we can use! Please pray that as Sheds of Hope start rising in Rowlett, we will be able to talk to other families in the devastated area and be able to give them hope, and maybe a shed.

During shed-building in Van, many quick meals were shared like this one last week while we were moving the Metrocrest trailers.  The shed recipients of Van are so thankful that they have initiated the idea of a cookout for the churches that have helped them. On December 12th, we will rejoice together with food, fellowship, and fun for the whole family. Time and place: Saturday, December 12 from 2pm to 4pm on South Bois D Arc St., Van, Texas.

Pray that the churches who helped build sheds will be able to attend and that we will get to interact with many of the families in the area.

The portable building is now separated into its three units. The axles, tires and tow bars have been installed, and Christian is taking out the last blocks that have been supporting it for the past twelve years. Although wind and rain are expected tonight, it should be cleared out by noon tomorrow in good time for the scheduled move. Everything has been cut loose, and the trucks should be ready to roll on Thursday morning. The units are moving to their new home in Van, Texas, where they will be reconnected and become a home for two families.

Pray for this move and for the trailers to get reconnected before any more rain comes through our area.

Metrocrest Presbyterian Church in Carrollton, TX has donated a 2,880 sq ft triple-wide-trailer to a family in Van for the moving cost. This trailer will become a duplex for two families who lost their homes during the Mother’s Day tornado.

Pray that the move will go smoothly this week and that the families will be able to get the bathrooms and kitchens installed soon so they can start living in their new home.

Volunteers from five churches were involved in building and setting up Sheds of Hope in Van, Texas this summer. I recently met with Park Cities Presbyterian Church, and plans are in the works to train twenty to thirty people while pre-building ten Sheds of Hope to be stored for future disasters.

This will take place over four weekends. The first pre-build will be to train key leaders, followed by three build-days that will provide opportunities for the key leaders to give oversight to volunteers.

Pray for more hands-on training for both young and old, as they love to see Sheds of Hope being built.