Build Hope in Panama City This Christmas

Meet me in Panama City during December 8–21 to help set-up Sheds of Hope for families. MNA Disaster Response is getting requests for Sheds of Hope from all three of our PCA churches in the Panama City area.

  • Covenant Presbyterian Church — request for 6 more
  • First Presbyterian Church — request for 4 more
  • Panama City Korean Church — request for 18 more

We have 22 sheds pre-built and ready for set-up between Saturday, December 8th and Friday, December 21st. So far, we have set-up 8 pre-built Sheds of Hope in the area, but are in need of individuals who can come specifically to help set-up another 22 before Christmas. If you can join me with this blitz-build during December 8–21, you would be very welcome. No tools or skills required, just a willingness to serve and help these families.

It takes less than 3 hours to LEARN how to set-up a Shed of Hope.
After setting up their first one, a small group of 6 to 8 people can set-up about 2–3 Sheds of Hope in a day depending on location.

If you know someone who might be able to help — send them a link to this blog so that they can come and help us. Click here to sign-up with MNA if you can come help. State that you want to work on Sheds of Hope Builds. PLEASE NOTE: ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST REGISTER AND BE SCHEDULED THROUGH MNA DISASTER RESPONSE.

Think what it would mean to these families if we could set-up all 22 sheds we have pre-built by Christmas.

Overnight housing is available for those coming to help build sheds.

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