From Sticks to Storage

This truck is loaded with all the materials for a Sheds of Hope storage shed. While it’s not an actual Shed-in-a-Truck (an idea we tested a couple of years ago*), it is everything needed for a Shed of Hope. A team from Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church will join me to pre-build this shed at the Rome, Georgia Disaster Response Warehouse. The church provided the materials, and the members will learn how a shed is built and made ready for transportation to a disaster site. It is exciting to see more and more churches getting trained and involved!

What sort of help do we need for Sheds of Hope?

    • to set up Sheds of Hope in Panama City between December 7-15 click here and let me know. I will be there to show you how it goes together. For a sneak peak, download the free plans and take a look
    • to build sheds in Wilmington, NC, Mullins, SC, and Panama City (ongoing needs)
    • to provide the materials for a Shed of Hope click here

Sheds of Hope Trivia question: Whatever happened to the Shed-in-a-Truck?
Answer: Only a few were ever built. They proved to be very time consuming at the build site. They may have a role to play in the future, if circumstances are right. Example: getting them into tight places — toting half panels through a small opening is much lighter and easier to handle than its full-sized cousins. 

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