A Little Training Goes a Long Way

Great news came out of New Bern, North Carolina tonight. Memorial Presbyterian Church from Elizabethton, Tennessee rolled into town with 2 Sheds of Hope. Last year, Memorial had pre-built 4 Sheds of Hope for storage at the Rome Warehouse, and this year they had pre-built 2 more. Instead of taking them to Rome, they loaded them up and took them to the new Disaster Response Staging Area (DRSA) at Village Chapel PCA in New Bern. They will be used to store equipment and supplies. Memorial PC is about 360 miles from New Bern.

Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church in Eatonton, Georgia has pre-built 24 sheds since January 2017. As part of their  regularly scheduled build last week, they pre-built 4 Sheds of Hope. These will head to their destinations as soon as our DR staff has evaluated the needs in the flooded area. Lake Oconee is about 425 miles from New Bern.

It is so exciting to see that churches that have been trained are well prepared to meet the disaster head on.

Thanks to all the men and women who make Sheds of Hope possible, who support the ministry with their time, skills and resources.

For the response to Hurricane Florence, Memorial and Lake Oconee are the closest churches that have had training in pre-building Sheds of Hope. As more churches get trained, we hope to reach our goal to have a network of churches trained and prepared to supply Sheds of Hope within a 300-mile radius of a disaster.

If you would like to get trained in how to build Sheds of Hope, give me a call and let’s get you on the schedule. Over the next few weeks, I will be in Michigan, Georgia and Texas, training churches.

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