Double Trouble!

First Hurricane Laura, then Hurricane Delta!! One disaster is too many, but two within six weeks is more than any community should need to endure. But that is exactly what happened. Hurricane Laura, a major wind event – coming ashore with stronger winds than Hurricane Katrina and actually sending the MS River backwards – upended Lake Charles LA on August¬†27 at near peak intensity. Then, on October 5, Hurricane Delta, a major rain event, blasted Lake Charles dumping torrential rains that flooded blue-tarpped homes that were still ‘shingle-less’ after Laura.

Sheds of Hope deployed shortly after the storms and so far six Sheds of Hope have gone to Lake Charles. Today, two additional SOH were constructed on the grounds of Bethel PCA to store church belongings while the church is being dried out and rebuilt. When Laura pounded Lake Charles, Bethel’s roof was significantly damaged. Some water entered the church in various spots after shingles were ripped off by the storm. MNA Disaster Response volunteers and church members blue-tarpped the roof until a replacement plan is settled on by the congregation.

Bethel PCA Roof Damage from Hurricane Laura

Then, just six weeks later, Hurricane Delta, brought about six inches of flood water into the the church physical plant. Again, volunteers from several congregations including Westminster PCA-Bryan TX, St Roch PCA-New Orleans LA, Redeemer PCA-Katy TX, and Grace PCA-Shreveport LA, descended on Lake Charles to gut the saturated drywall up to the 16-1/2″ level, and remove contaminated insulation from almost the entire church physical plant.

While those volunteers tackled the arduous task of gutting and cleaning the building, other volunteers and church members assembled two Sheds of Hope to store church items for safe keeping while the reconstruction is underway.

Sheds of Hope had already built two sheds at Bethel to store tools and equipment while the response is underway.

Huge shout-out to Covenant PCA-Auburn AL, and Plains PCA Zachary LA, churches that have the distinction of being ‘pre-builders’ of Sheds of Hope. These congregations have heavily invested in this important ministry, understanding it’s importance. These sheds were ‘ready-to-go’ and delivered to Lake Charles when we put the call out that sheds were needed.

Other congregations are ramping up their pre-building activities, including Lake Oconee PCA in GA and Memorial PCA in TN.

Lake Oconee Sheds of Hope recently delivered to the Rome GA Warehouse

Let us know if your church would like to receive training and begin building Sheds of Hope.

2 Comments on “Double Trouble!

  1. Great presentation Arklie!
    May God continue to bless and protect you and the MNA Disaster Response team!
    Dick Forrester

  2. Great Job, our church was down there also at that time. Ive heard of you guys before and that you do great work

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