A Baker’s Dozen for Houston

A tremendous group of volunteers came together this past week in Dallas at Davis Hawn Lumber Company to build Sheds of Hope for Houston. Our goal was 12 sheds, but “the people had a mind to work” (Neh 4:6), and by 3:00 Saturday afternoon, our 13th shed was finished and added to the stack of shed kits ready to be delivered to Houston. Eighty volunteers from thirteen different churches gave of their time this week. Some could only work for one three-hour shift, and some came almost every day. Many thanks to Davis Hawn and Park Cities Presbyterian Church for their partnership with MNA Disaster Response and providing everything we needed.

After the shed kits are delivered to Houston, they will be set up by volunteers who have been able to travel to Houston to help in the recovery from Hurricane Harvey. We have a disaster response team on the ground there, and the work will be long. We are lining up other shed builds, so that people in other cities can also help, even if they can’t travel to Houston. Stay tuned for more updates.

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