Sheds of HOPE


This past weekend we saw a powerful phenomenon. ¬†About 100 RUF college students from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas descended on the Sheds of Hope warehouse. This far surpassed our usual 20-or-so volunteers. But we were prepared. In their wake, they left sheds standing where homes had been torn away. They left the hope for a new beginning. The shed in the photo is a new concept that will enable groups to build… Read More

Building Sheds for Disaster Victims Sheds of Hope Teams have built over 80 Sheds of Hope in and around the Oklahoma City area for tornado victims. Another 200+ are on the waiting list. Here’s a way that your group can help, whether it’s in Oklahoma or your own community. Any Size Group or Church Can Help ChurchGPS is providing a free plan to help groups in North Texas and Oklahoma pre-build panels… Read More