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MNA’s Disaster Response Volunteer Registration Website!

Pre-register yourself or a church team and be ready to help during the next disaster. Follow the link and complete the registration…Register Now

You can also help support John by going online to MNA Online Support

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Hope for Van

If your church, business, or group would like to pre-build a Shed of Hope for Van, Texas, let us know by filling in the Sheds of Hope: Van, Texas Pre-build Form.

Shed of Hope Plan Updated June 9, 2018

Shed Instruction Booklet

Sheds of Hope Material and Cut List Only

Sheds of Hope Pre-Build Plan (Material and Cut List Included)

Sheds of Hope Set-up Plan

Check back for new Build Updates when you get ready to build.

This Free PDF Instruction Booklet for building sheds is now available to churches and groups who would like to help bring hope to the people devastated by natural disasters.
This booklet includes the ideal team size per shed, tools, materials needed, pre-build instructions and site set-up.

Sheds of Hope – Where Do We Start? Updated April 8, 2015

1. Determine Policies and Level of Involvement

2. Set Aside the $$$

3. Train the People

4. Prepare for Action

5. Read the Blog Post Sheds of Hope – Where Do We Start? And Fill in the Contact Form at the Bottom of the Blog Post :}

6. Take Me to The Contact Form Now

John’s First Missionary Journey! Get the latest Newsletter by going to his Blog Post

Schedule a Sheds of Hope Training Event! No Meeting Too Small or Conference Too Far Away!

I am available to share the vision for Mission to North America Disaster Response – Sheds of Hope:  1. During the week, one-on-one and with small groups.  2. On weekends, during a mission conference or with Sunday School classes.  3. I am also available for pulpit supply.


Train future builders during your mission conference by building a shed to give to a needy family in your church or community. Book your Guided Pre-build today!

Church Planting 2.0 A Global Vision
Church Planting 2.0

“The Great Commission

Our Grandson sits on my lap looking at a computer. Twenty years ago, its design and function were just ideas that stirred the imagination. As my grandson graduates from college, what will have changed in the next twenty years? What will have been invented? What will the world be like?

Jesus, 2000 years ago, gave us a commission to make disciples of all nations. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, its fulfillment and its affect on the world were integrally tied to the end of the world. His promise that he would be with us as we seek to make disciples is no small promise.

Jesus has the authority to make changes to the world.

The technology we have today is wonderful and can bring joy to our hearts intensely. Sitting at my computer in Dallas, Texas, I can see and talk to my grandson in Jackson, Mississippi. On this computer, I can also write and talk about Church Planting 2.0.

Twenty plus years ago, I was praying about Church Planting as a seminary student. Our denomination was on the forefront of the Church Planting movement. Many young men were being called to plant churches. Twenty[…]”

Excerpt From: John Browne. “Church Planting 2.0.” John Browne, 2013. iBooks.

Church Planting 2.0 explores streamlined, economical, and sustainable church planting.
Connecting churches of all sizes in a common goal, Church Planting 2.0 envisions planting and training multiple churches at the same time. Highlighting the importance of technology and a connectional mindset, this approach builds teams of people and churches that passionately and prayerfully develop a church planting movement with a global vision.

Available Online! 
Church Planting 2.0 - John Browne

Church Planting 2.0 Booklet is Available Now.


To view this book, you must have an iPad with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 5.1 or later, or a MAC with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

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