Assisting the OPC in Kentucky

The Presbyterian Church in America  (PCA) and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) enjoy a fraternal relationship through membership in the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council (NAPARC). One of the guiding principles of that relationship is that, ‘we will cooperate wherever possible and feasible on the local and denominational level in such areas as missions, relief efforts, Christian schools, and church education’. We have a long history of working with the OPC in relief efforts, and in every instance it has been joyful. 

The PCA doesn’t have a congregation in Neon KY, but the OPC does. Neon Reformed OPC (mission), a lovely community of believers in downtown Neon was crushed by torrential rain and subsequent flooding on July 28 and then again on August 1.

The church physical plant was inundated with 7+ feet of flood water and when the water receded the church was left with 6 to 8 inches of mud throughout the entire building.  On August 3 MNA Disaster Response staff transported a ‘mud-out’ trailer and skid-steer loader to Neon to standup the OPC’s relief efforts. The mud-out trailer is a self-contained rolling equipment depot designed specifically for such work. It contains commercial grade pressure washers, large water holding tank, generators, dewatering pumps, portable lighting, dehumidifiers, blower fans, etc. The skid steer is being used to move debris and mud. 

Mike Kennamer, MNA Disaster Response TAG Region Specialist, training Neon Reformed members on the use of a Bobcat Skid-Steer Loader in Neon KY.
Mike Kennamer, Arklie Hooten, and Marty Huddleston, MNA Disaster Response Staff, transported several pieces of flood mitigation equipment to Neo KY to assist OPC Disaster Response including this ‘Mud-Out’ trailer. The trailer is a rolling warehouse of flood response equipment including commercial pressure washers, generators, emergency lighting, dewatering pumps, dehumidifiers, etc.

Please keep praying for the OPC’s efforts in Neon. Pray especially for Pastor/Planter Jay Bennett and the lovely congregation. Pray for restoration and give thanks for the many opportunities to demonstrate God’s love to a community crushed by this storm and subsequent flood. Pray “….that my service for Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints” — Romans 15:31

To know more, please visit to get the latest information and learn about ways you can help.

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