The twins have arrived !

We were surprised when we received the call informing us that the twins, Vincent and Julius, arrived early! What a great blessing! Last Wednesday we immediately made our way to the local Homesteader dealer and took possession of the new Sheds of Hope setup trailers and transported them, one by one, to the Rome GA warehouse for outfitting.

The new Sheds of Hope dedicated setup trailers are now at the Rome Georgia warehouse awaiting outfitting.

Mike Kennamer, MNA warehouse manager, is making lists and checking them twice; he will begin sourcing the equipment for each trailer right-away. Outfitting should begin in July and likely take about two months to get the trailers road-ready.

Map from Rome, Georgia to Dallas, Texas

When the trailers are ready for use we will transport Vincent (Twin #1) to the MNA Disaster Response Dallas Depot where he will be on standby when not deployed. Julius (Twin #2) will remain stationed at the MNA Rome Warehouse. If you would like to help with the outfitting, please check out the previous post. There you will find information on how to give a financial gift, and/or to volunteer on the project. Most of all, please join us in prayer giving thanks for these new tools that will be of great help as volunteer teams deploy to assist disaster-displaced families! Maybe they will be needed in your community.

Vincent, Sheds of Hope setup trailer #1. Headed to the MNA Dallas Depot soon!

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