Deploying to Heidelberg Mississippi & Seneca South Carolina, and….?

A series of destructive tornadoes slammed the Southeastern US on Easter Sunday and Monday, April 12–13, 2020. With at least 29 tornadic fatalities reported, this is the most deadly tornado outbreak since April 2014 when a similar event flattened communities in OK, KS, AR, MS, and TN.  Sheds of Hope has been activated; we are deploying to Heidelberg MS tomorrow, and to Seneca SC on Friday. We are in discussion with leaders in TN and AL as well. Please pray for Godly wisdom as we plan.



Marty Huddleston will transport the first 4 Sheds of Hope from the MNA Rome Georgia Warehouse & Training Center tomorrow to Heidelberg PCA, where he will meet up with the Sheds of Hope setup team from Covenant PCA Auburn Alabama. Keith Perry, MNA Disaster Response Specialist Florida will join the team. Pray for a smooth uneventful journey for Marty, the team from Auburn, and for Keith. Especially pray for the lovely homeowners that are receiving these Sheds, they have been through a lot.

Also, we are also deploying Sheds to Seneca SC where the community served by Crossgate SC suffered catastrophic damage. Seneca SC is in the ‘Upcountry or Up State’ area of SC, not too far from Clemson. Crossgate is asking for Sheds of Hope asap.


Seneca South Carolina


Sheds of Hope being loaded today in Rome Georgia

A few pieces of the puzzle still need to be identified, so please pray for that. Calvary Presbytery is sending volunteers, and we are recruiting a team from Tennessee which is in Highland Presbytery to train the team from Calvary. Pray this will be worked out in time to transport the Sheds there so that we can take advantage of the upcoming saturday to get the first 4 built.

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