MNA Disaster Response Site-Manager Training Postponed !

Sadly, we just found out that MNA Disaster Response has postponed the upcoming Site Manager Training that was scheduled for May 22-24 in Rome GA at the MNA Charles H. Jones Family Disaster Relief Center. Bummer! The postponement is due to the uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. =[

The three-day gathering was designed to equip and train those who would serve as future Site Managers at MNA Disaster Response recovery sites. Site Managers are in charge of every aspect of operations at a particular recovery site, and insure continuity through capable leadership.


We are especially bummed to learn this since Sheds of Hope was scheduled to conduct an important workshop at the event, “Sheds of Hope: A valuable resource to Site Managers and those in need”. Please join us in praying for MNA Disaster Response leadership as they seek to reschedule this event during October or November.

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