Bringing Aid to Dallas Tornado Victims

The Dallas EF3 (winds of 136-165 mph) was approximately 10 minutes on the ground for 16 miles with an estimated 2 billion dollar recovery cost. Churches, Homes, Schools and Businesses were destroyed in the Sunday, October 26, 2019 Tornado. A total of 10 tornadoes spun up during this front as it passed through the Dallas metroplex.

Recovery efforts were underway on Monday morning for Churches all around the disaster area. Mission to North America Disaster Response and Park Cities Presbyterian Church loaded up supplies from the Dallas Depot to bring to church members and churches in the wake of the destruction. None of our Presbyterian Churches (PCA) were damaged, but a number of PCA families lost homes during the EF-3, sustaining severe damage from winds and uprooted trees. Debris and downed power lines left roads impassable, with North-South travel coming to a standstill. The main roads have been moving slowly all week, as people look at the devastation.

Today, Saturday, October 26th, we are pre-building Sheds of Hope at the Dallas Depot to restock our inventory and be ready to help families needing storage, as devastated neighborhoods will soon be accessible. It is a great way to celebrate my one-year anniversary of being a United States citizen.

Michael Denton and John Browne Preparing to Deliver Supplies

Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-Scale)

Someone asked me the other day what the EF level means. Here are the definitions, along with the number of each type that hit the Dallas metroplex Sunday night. Source: for the number that hit the metroplex.

EF0 65-85 mph Light damage (4 on Sunday night)
EF1 86-110 mph Moderate damage(4 on Sunday night)
EF2 111-135 mph Considerable damage(1 on Sunday night)
EF3 136-165 mph Severe damage(1 on Sunday night)
EF4 166-200 mph Devastating damage
EF5 >200 mph Incredible damage

“Fun” Fact – Moving to Another State Is Not an Option for Escaping Tornadoes

There are no tornado-free states in the United States. The state with the fewest tornadoes is Alaska. Roughly 1200 tornadoes form each year in the U.S. Texas gets its fair share with over 80 per year.
Source: The Internet – It must be true!

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