Clean-Up is on The Way!

Mission to North America (MNA) is bringing shower trailers and bunk houses into the Houston area. They are coming from Mississippi, Texas, and from our warehouse in Rome, Georgia. Rick Lenz and I will be bringing the shower trailer in the photo from North Texas Presbytery to Grace Presbyterian Church in The Woodlands. Rick Lenz is our Disaster Response Specialist, South Central Region. He has been very busy getting the names of families impacted by the flood and has been polling churches all across the Southeast. Tomorrow, he will be leading our information and strategy meeting at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Houston.

I just loaded up a box of sheets and pillows into the truck to take with us. Dawn, who brought the box from Christ Presbyterian Church in Flower Mound, told me about a young lady 18 years of age living in the Dallas area who has not heard from her family to know whether or not they are ok. It lets you see the pain and struggle that countless people are dealing with in the aftermath of Harvey, and the pain and struggle we will be entering into as we begin working in the devastated communities in and around Houston.

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