John’s First Missionary Journey

Download and Print John’s February Mission Trip

John's Mission TripsMy first trip was a tremendous encouragement and blessing in three ways:

1. MNA – My first trip showed me the great respect and love PCA churches and members have for MNA. I received my first shirts a few days before my trip, and the Logo alone put pastors and church staff at ease. I saw a joyful willingness in others to have the opportunity to share the message of Sheds of Hope.

2. Church Reception – Churches that I visited along the way want more information and are excited be on the list for helping to provide Sheds of Hope in the event of a disaster within their Disaster Zone.

3. Sense of Call – I was deeply humbled and encouraged as I met with pastors and friends along the way. I felt your prayers, and with each stop I was emboldened to share about the work of Sheds of Hope. More than once, God put me in the right place at the right time. What a joy to see the delight in people’s faces as they caught the vision for helping others in times of disaster.


  • Many contacts were established along the way
  • 3 Sheds were built on this trip (One of the sheds is being donated to a family whose trailer burned the week after the church had built the shed. They sought to train their people to be ready to build a shed after a disaster, and the Lord already had a place for it.)
  • 20 People were trained and will be able to build a Shed of Hope for their Disaster Zone
  • 9 Churches want to help build Sheds of Hope for their Disaster Zone when they are called upon


  • Building a Sheds of Hope storage shed at Bethel PCA
  • Disaster Response Workshop April 17-18
  • Follow-up with churches from first mission trip
  • Planning for second mission trip


One Time Gifts or Monthly Support can be given online through the secure website of MNA then

  • Click on “MNA Disaster Response – Sheds of Hope (Browne)” and
  • Press “Continue.”

Blessings, John

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