Are We In The Retell Business?

I was reminded this week of the importance of “Retelling” the Christmas Story.  We live in a world consumed by retail. Most in the retail business depend heavily on the Christmas season to provide a large percentage of their yearly revenue. For many, it all comes down to these last few weeks, traditionally starting with Black Friday.

The Retail Business looks to the Advent season to see if they are going to end the year in the “Black.” The Church should be looking to see if we are going to end the year in the “Red”. After all, the Church Calendar actually starts with Advent, the “Retelling of the Christmas Story.”

With all the Red around us at Christmas, let’s use it to remind us that it is a Savior’s Blood we need most, and not a Black Bottom Line. Don’t get me wrong; every Christian and every church should be dedicated to good stewardship, but it is our heart’s focus that is essential. Remember, this Advent Season is about the coming of a Savior to give his life for His people.

As leaders, let us be encouraged to look for the Red in this Advent Season and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the Black.  Here’s a way to make that happen:

Retail stores will give you Red Bows so that you can help them increase their bottom line. How about using those Red Bows with a new purpose this year? With every Red Bow you give or receive this season, look for a way to Retell the Story. Ask God to give you opportunities. By taking the opportunity to Retell the Christmas Story, you may be reminded that no matter how many Red Bows you wrap around presents this Christmas Season, they will never meet the need or fill the void in a life. The only thing amazing and powerful enough to do that is the Blood of The Child that was born to redeem us.

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