Building Sheds, Rebuilding Hope

In and around Moore, Oklahoma “Sheds of Hope” are beginning to rise above the partially cleared rubble where houses once stood. The project is sponsored by the Presbyterian Church in America’s “Mission to North America” branch.

Sheds of Hope Teams

Sheds of Hope Teams

Church teams have come from all over the country into the area and have built almost 70 sheds in the past few months. This week, a team from Maryland and another from Iowa helped build sheds for families who lived through the tornadoes that devastated their neighborhoods.

The shed in the picture is for a couple who survived the storm by taking refuge in a closet. When they came out after the tornado had passed, all that was left of their home was the closet. The lady who lived beside them just had enough time to pull a mattress over her head when the wind began to spin her and the mattress around inside her home. Rescuers found her among the rubble of her home, badly hurt but alive. The EF5 tornado took a direct path through this area.

The couple whose shed we built is planning to rebuild once a contractor is lined up. While we were getting ready to build the shed, a neighbor stopped by in his truck and ask if he could get a shed, as well. Sheds of Hope have over 200 families on the list for a shed. With only two teams lined up to come and help build sheds in the next few months, they need people willing to go and help build. Christ the King church in Norman will house teams and all it will cost your team is food and travel.

The two teams this week join a long list of churches that are helping people who have lost everything. A small team of six or seven people can build a shed. A shed is often the first sign that a home owner is planning to rebuild in the area again. These sheds give other families hope as they to begin to think about rebuilding.

I stayed in a campground near the church that was housing the teams. The man next to us lost his home, and all he retrieved from the rubble was some of his clothes. He and his son sold their lot and at the moment, they do not plan to rebuild.

People are having to make tough decisions. How could you or your church help people affected by the tornadoes in Oklahoma? Let’s talk! Share the Love…

If you would like to help, contact Sheds of Hope

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