Paper or Plastic?

iPad and Note Pad Together

iPad and a Note Pad

Connectivity has never been so easy! Whether sitting in a meeting or separated by great distances, we can connect almost instantaneously with one another. Even hard copies of documents can arrive within hours, or at least overnight. Today, I just sent our kids pictures from our oldest son’s wedding seven years ago. I got a Facebook invite from a family whose house I helped build over 35 years ago. Yesterday, I read that a school district in Los Angeles will need 640 thousand iPads for the new school year. Last night I watched an ad geared toward kids as they get ready for the upcoming school year. The company was still in the business of selling paper, writing books, back packs, calculators, pens and pencils.

I recently changed from paper sermon notes to using my iPad. For the first few weeks, I would go into the pulpit with both the iPad and my notes printed out, just in case. Now that I’ve made the switch, I don’t see myself going back to paper. There’s still a mix of paper and plastic in the hands of the people I’m talking to, but change is in the air.

What could your church begin to offer the person who brings their iPad/Tablet with them on Sunday? Let’s talk! Share the Love…

3 Comments on “Paper or Plastic?

  1. I have made it a personal priority to eliminate paper use in my life for environmental reasons and because I want to see innovation in that space.

    I think the church could easily provide the Sunday bulletin on the ipad/iphone and sadly that other device thing some people endure. Saves the printing and people can view it before the service. It also would allow it to be more interactive such as signing up for events and stuff….

    • Jeff, that is a great idea. Could a small church offer such a service? If so, any ideas, what the minimum requirements would be for a small church to offer this service?

      • John, a “responsive” web page that is optimized for mobile could work, or perhaps this is an idea for a new mobile app that needs to be created. hmmmm….

        Ok, I said “easily” but that might be a little exaggerated… 🙂

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