Blackrock Roadshow: August 1st–21st
Louisiana | Mississippi | Alabama | Tennessee | Arkansas
•  Shreveport, LA
•  Mississippi Valley Presbytery
•  Huntsville, AL area Aug.
Jackson, MS | Birmingham, AL | Huntsville, AL
•  Mississippi Valley Presbytery – Belzoni, MS
•  Nashville Presbytery – Nashville, TN

Bushmills Roadshow: September 6th–26th
Little Rock, AR | Memphis, TN | Nashville, TN
•  Rome DR Warehouse, GA – Sheds of Hope Pre-Build

Larne Roadshow: October 3rd–24th
Naperville, IL | Ann Arbor, MI | Toledo, OH
•  Holland, MI – Sheds of Hope Pre-Build
•  Ohio Valley Presbytery – Danville, KY

•  Antrim Roadshow:  Oklahoma City, OK | Wichita, KS | Kansas City, KS | Omaha, NE | Denver, CO | Colorado Springs, CO | Amarillo, TX | Dallas DR Depot, TX

•  Enniskillen Roadshow:  Virginia | Maryland | Delaware | North Carolina | South Carolina | Dallas DR Depot TX

| St Louis, MO | Dallas DR Depot, TX


SmartBench and Templates may be purchased for $950 by churches that have participated in Option 2.

•  Covered area, such as a drive-through, is helpful in case of inclement weather for Option 2

What is the cost of hosting a Roadshow? Roadshow Inquiry

Don’t see your city listed above? Email me about Future Roadshows


Andy Eisenbraun – Midwest Region — Missouri, Illinois and Indiana

Mike Kennamer – TAG Region — Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia

Rick Lenz – South Central Region — Texas and Oklahoma

Keith Perry – Florida Region — Florida

Glen Pressley – South Atlantic Region — North and South Carolina

Evan Scroggs – Gulf Coast Region — Mississippi and Louisiana

Mark Willett – Mid-Atlantic Region — Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

At least one church has a SmartBench in the following states: Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi

We would love to include your church. Click the Roadshow nearest you.


•  Introduction to the SmartBench

•  Making Doors and Trusses

•  Vision and Q&A

OPTION 2  — adds:

•  Pre-cutting

•  Pre-building

•  Strapping for Transportation

OPTION 3  —  adds:

 •  Setting up a pre-built Shed of Hope


Bushmills Roadshow: September 6th–26th
•  Little Rock, AR | Memphis, TN | Nashville, TN
•  Georgia Foothills Presbytery September 18th
•  Rome DR Warehouse, GA – Sheds of Hope Pre-Build Sept. 19th–22nd

Larne Roadshow: October 3rd–24th
•  Naperville, IL | Ann Arbor, MI | Toledo, OH
•  Holland, MI – Sheds of Hope Pre-Build October 11th–13th
•  Ohio Valley Presbytery Danville KY October 16th

, giving opportunity for interested leaders to attend

Giving Online to Sheds of Hope Ministry Fund

When you give to the Sheds of Hope Ministry Fund you help purchase materials for Sheds of Hope, MNA tools, equipment, and supplies. The cost of a pre-built Shed of Hope is $1,100.

Pre-built Shed of Hope ready to deploy

Giving By Mail:

Make checks payable to Mission to North America
Include a note stating  Sheds of Hope Ministry Fund #1730

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233

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