Free Sheds of Hope Plan

Updated June 5, 2018

Shed Instruction Booklet

Sheds of Hope Building Plans:

The shed plan has been divided into three sections:

Material and Cut List Only

Pre-Build Plan (Material and Cut List Included)

Set-up Plan for pre-built sheds

Check back for plan updates when you are ready to build.

Sheds of Hope Workbench

The Sheds of Hope Workbench is now being cut on a CNC router. This bench allows for ease of cutting by providing templates for making all the required cuts and providing guides for laying out the studs.

To register your church for a Sheds of Hope training event and order your very own Sheds of Hope Workbench send us your contact information. Allow 6-8 hours for a training event. During this time you will have hands-on-training, learn how a Shed of Hope is pre-cut, pre-built and made ready for delivery to a disaster site.

Check-out our Roadshow Dates and see if we are going to be in your area soon.

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